Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Contacts are loaded via spreadsheet (saved in CSV format) and can be grouped by customer.

No, if you want to compose your message using HTML that is fine but is recommended for advanced users only.

Yes! The form only requires HTML and JavaScript to work.

Yes! You can put a link to the sign-up form, hosted by our servers, in the signature of your email.

Yes, this can be done from the file of whenever a file is added to a folder that is flagged for notification. When the email is received, the user will be asked to login using the include username and password. The user will have direct access to the documents that are accessible to him. He can create a new username or edit his password at that time

A document can be modified by selecting it from CANshare for editing. The original is automatically downloaded and stored locally in a reconfigured location. Once saved, the document is opened automatically in the appropriate software for editing.

CANshare was mostly designed for businesses who need to share files with attached wiki information but it is certainly available to store a large number of files online and provide easy access to anyone.