Why use a wiki environment in business

Why use a wiki environment in business

There are many reasons a wiki is useful in business. Any business that involves employees and clients in the day to day management of its information distribution system has got something to gain from it. Ultimately, the strategy is similar to social networking sites where rich content is a result of inviting the users of the environment to contribute and manage the content themselves.


Project Management:

You can make a wiki an alternative to a project management tool that organizes client data, files and task lists. Many times, the custom setup and limited restrictions make a wiki more effective and less intimidating to use.

File Archive

Another common use for a wiki in business is as a repository for business files – meeting notes, agendas, calendars, event data, etc. Having one general location for these files that’s accessible by everyone can be instrumental in keeping the team on the same page.


A wiki can be used publicly (with open or closed contributions), providing support documentation for software, or answers to frequently asked questions about your product or service.

Operations Guide

One of my favorite uses for a wiki is an operations guide. I have used wikis to document processes for my own business as well as my clients’ businesses. This can be valuable when you have a team working on similar tasks and need to keep everyone in sync. Plus, it’s great to have a guide already in place should you ever need someone to fill in for you without experiencing prolonged downtime.


You can use a wiki as a working space for in-development ideas – publications with multiple authors, collaborative projects with colleagues, or any endeavor that requires participation by more than one person.


On an individual basis, you can use a wiki as your own private workspace where you brainstorm, collect links, make lists and generate new ideas